Introducing the Octane Mobile App for Car Enthusiasts

July 3, 2018



We here at Octane are bringing the car enthusiast community together through technology. Our Octane mobile app helps car enthusiasts find events and go on epic drives. Octane solves two major problems that all of us in the community face:



Have you ever struggled to find events happening in your area? You look on Facebook and ask your friends, but nothing seems to be going on. A few days later, you see photos online of an awesome car meet that happened less than 5 miles away from you, but your car had to spend another weekend sitting in the garage. 

Octane provides a map-based database of car-related events in any given area. You'll never have to look elsewhere or rely on word-of-mouth to find car meets and cruises. You can also create your own event to meet new people in the community.




It's hard to keep track of everyone during a cruise. Whether you get stopped at a light or cut off by other cars, it's frustratingly common to become disconnected from the group. Drivers must then make dangerous maneuvers to stay together or pull over to call each other and reorganize. This wastes valuable time for everyone, time which would be better spent on the open road. 


Octane's Freedrive feature provides high-fidelity real-time tracking for all drivers on a cruise. You'll be able to see all the other drivers on the map. Octane's developers are also working tirelessly on an in-car communication feature, so that all drivers on a cruise can communicate with each other safely at the touch of a button.




Octane is currently in beta testing for Android and is available for download now on

the Google Play Store. 




We are hard at work to bring Octane to iOS. Follow us on Social Media to stay up to date!



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